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Travel Ideas

  • Kayaking in the mangroves of Funzi Bay

    The idea of getting out of Nairobi for a while during last week’s long Madaraka Day weekend proved to be a relaxing experience, after all even though I went for a work assignment. [...]

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  • A paradoxical forest

    By RUPI MANGAT, Friday, September 23 2011 “The forest is fed by the condensation of clouds,” Sunte ole Matondo of Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) explains to me. He’s one [...]

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  • Dream house in the middle of nowhere

    Chema Katua and his wife Priscilla always desired to own a holiday home. Although they were optimistic that their dream would one day come true, the search for a perfect location for the [...]

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  • Africa's most expensive cities

    By KAMAU MUTUNGA, Wednesday, July 27 2011 Angola’s capital, Luanda, retained the unenviable distinction of being the world’s most expensive city for expatriate [...]

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  • Western Kenya circuit angles for bigger tourism package

    By Frankline Sunday, Friday, July 22 2011 Players in the Western Kenya tourism circuit are betting on renewed investor confidence and increased marketing to grow their share of the multi-bill [...]

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  • Sights and sounds of L. Naivasha

    By JOHN FOX, Saturday, March 19 2011 Our team-building wasn’t quite what I had intended. I had suggested a camping weekend, because I thought tasks such as erecting y [...]

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